Batteries & Chargers

Optex C100 USB Battery Charger
Slim Expert USB Charger 1. Charge 2 AA / AAA batteries 2. LED indicates a normal charging mode 3. Possess reverse polarity protection
Optex IC514 Battery Charger
Optex PB Output Charger. Charges 4 AA batteries simultaneously
OP735 Battery Charger
C-735 Li-ion & NiMh LCD Fusion Charger can compatible for most 3.6V & 7.2V Li-ion batteries and AA/ AAA batteries. It accommodates the charging needs of digital camera, mobile phone and video camera.
Optex OP518 Battery Charger
C-518 Power NANO Portable Li-Polymer Back Up Charger. For all iPhone, iPad, iPod series, Blackberry, Smart phones, Mobile Phone & Game players
High quality AA battery that comes pre-charged and ready to use due to it unique characteristic. Low Self Discharge: can keep its capacity for over 6 months and maintain up to 80% of its capacity.