NEW Optex Large Portable Photo Studio and Lighting Kit

Included with the OSLKIT-L studio: - White/black/peach backdrops - Light softening cover - 2x LED strips

Optex Portable Photo Studio and Lighting Kit

Compact, Portable, & Easy to Set Up – BECOME A PROFESSIONAL



  • Large 60x54cm interior
  • Ideal for jewellery, toys, crafts &
    other small or medium size objects.
  • White, black & peach backdrops
  • Two removable 5500k LED light bars
  • Simple pre-fab wire frame
  • Collapsible & portable design
  • Top hatch & closable front for top-down photography


TOP HATCH Take top-down photos with the 165x180mm top hatch. LEDs remain invisible from view. Use the the front hatch for additional lighting.


MAGNETIC LIGHTS Two removable LED light bars are included for your convenience.
Adjust their position or remove them completely to acheive the perfect lighting. 5500k LEDs provide colour-neutral lighting. Each light bar has 60 LEDs.


THREE BACKDROPS Black, white and peach backdrops are included. Dimensions: 60x105cm. Every photographers dream!


COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN Specially designed to collapse into it’s own compact carry case; complete with shoulder straps and handles.